With an great eye for interior design, MarShall enjoys creating beautiful spaces. MarShall has always had a passion for beautiful décor, it began at a younger age. MarShall’s mother would always ask for her help to redecorate and rearrange furniture in various rooms in their home.

That was the start of enjoying and visualizing the outcome of rearranging spaces. This also lead to a natural talent of staging homes for a quick sell! For a couple of years, MarShall worked for a very well known furniture store, selling furniture and creating outstanding vignettes in the Visual Display Department. 

MarShall often helps her loved ones decorate their home/events, as well as giving them many tips to add ”Flair” to their living spaces.

With the moral support of family and friends, Made 2 Decor by MarShall was a vision that is now a reality. “Decorating Spaces one Design at a time.”


With her turnkey approach to decorating and staging homes, MarShall is excellent at creating beautiful interiors with a variety of styles. Such as Contemporary, Modern, Eclectic and Traditional and many more. “Made 2 Decor by MarShall” is a company created with a passion for style, flair and elegant decor.  

With Made 2 Decor by MarShall our goal is to give you a space decorated with impeccable home decor, that you will love and enjoy spending quality time in. We utilize and appreciate our customers ideas for redesign, this is a very important part of what makes our customers space beautiful, interior decorating is special and personal.


Worked as a Visual Display Assistant, putting together beautiful home decor. 

Staged first home which Sold in 2 days in a Recessional Market in 2008 

With 15+ years of interior decorating experience 

QC Design Student

*Interior Decorating Design

*Staging for Designers

"A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place.

 It should smile at you and create fantasy."                -Juan Montoya-

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